Restaurant Marketing

YesMore is a creative marketing agency that specialises in helping restaurants reach their target audience and increase restaurant bookings. Our restaurant marketing consultans work with restaurants to create customized marketing campaigns that are designed to generate awareness and interest in the restaurant brand.

Our services include digital paid media restaurant advertising, restaurant social media management and restaurant public relations with a partner PR agency. We also offer a wide range of restaurant consultancy services, including restaurant market research, restaurant brand positioning, and restaurant menu design.

Whether you’re looking to increase restaurant foot traffic, or simply improve your restaurant’s image, YesMore can help. Contact us about our restaurant marketing services.

Below are the services restaurants typically purchase from us.

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Influencer Campaigns

We can create restaurant advertising campaigns for you that are designed to be elevated by influencers relevant to your brand.

  • The creative concept behind your restaurant advertising
  • Presenting you with influencers options
  • Influencer contracting, signing and management
  • End of campaign report

Creators Network

We have an ever-evolving black book of 100s of content creators we love working with. All of whom are clued up on the rules and regs of shooting content for drinks brands.

  • Usually a faster process
  • There is slightly less control over your restaurant marketing content
  • Trust us to write a brief and get it out to someone who can make it

Paid Restaurant Advertising

We’ll work with you to build a robust paid restaurant advertising strategy. This tends to cover:

  • Budget split between channels
  • Periods of high spend vs where we pull back and why
  • What we’re looking to achieve with the next campaign or over the next 6-12 months
  • How we can test, learn and grow what we spend

"Classic" Content Production

We love working on video or stills production briefs. Our process typically covers:

  • Finding the right creative talent 
  • Creating a concept
  • As well as ensuring all content fits your brand
  • Aligning our concept with what’s going on in your consumers life at that time of year
  • Finding the right time and place to post

Restaurant Social Media Management

Our restaurant marketing consultants will ensure that all aspects of your social strategy are executed on a monthly basis. This typically covers:

  • Monthly content calendar
  • Daily community management
  • Alerts/escalations to your brand team
  • Scanning for conversations for the brand to become a part of
  • Suggestions on ways the brand can use the social platforms as they evolve and change

Digital Restaurant Advertising

Running your digital ads as part of your restaurant marketing strategy either as a month-to-month service or one-off as part of a campaign:

  • Organising content and creating ad copy
  • Set up of all ads in the back-end software
  • Check-ins and optimisation of ads once they’re live
  • Thorough end of campaign/end of month reports