Pub and Bar Marketing

More and more, pub and bar owners are finding that traditional forms of marketing just don’t seem to be bringing in the same number of customers as they used to.

That’s where YesMore comes in. We work with pubs and bars to create unique marketing strategies that really engage potential customers and get them in the door.

Whether it’s a strategy for pub advertising that puts your venue’s unique selling points front and center, or bar marketing that targets specific demographics, we’ll help you create a strategic plan that gets results. So if you’re looking for a fresh way to bring people in for a drink, give us a call. We’ll show you how YesMore can help.

Below are the services spirits brands typically purchase from us.

To see a full list of our services simply click through to our Services Page.


Pub Digital Advertising

We can help you running your digital pub advertising either on a monthly service or one-off as part of a dedicated campaign:

  •  Organising your ad content and drafting the copy
  • Use back-end software to set up your pub advertising
  • While your ads are running, we will do check ins and optimisation
  • End of campaign/end of month reports to analyse the results

Content Creators Network

Our network of 100s of content creators is full of partners we love working with. They are across all of the rules and regs of shooting content for drinks brands.

  • A faster process than standard content creation
  • You will have slightly less control over the finished content
  • Trust us to brief your content and get it to a creator who can deliver the goods

Paid Media Pub Advertising Strategy

We’ll work with you to build a robust paid media strategy. This tends to cover:

  • Using multiple channels and splitting the budget between them
  • Going through periods of high and low spend and explaining to you why
  • Ideating what results we’re looking to achieve with the next campaign or over the next 6-12 months
  • How we can test, learn and grow what we spend

Bar Marketing Content Production

We love working on content production, whether it’s for video or stills, we can write great production briefs. To get the best content for your bar or pub marketing strategy, our process covers:

  • Finding the right creative talent for your brand
  • Working on a creative concept
  • Making sure the content matches with your bar or pub brand
  • Aligning our concept with what’s going on in your consumers life at that time of year
  • Posting in the right place and at the right time

Social Media Strategy

We’ll work with you to create a social media strategy that brings your bar or pub’s tone of voice through in your social content.

  • Finding the passion points of your audience
  • Brand objectives for social
  • Conducting a competitor analysis
  • Identifying social pillars
  • Content formats

Social Media Management

On a monthly basis, we’ll make sure that all elements of your social strategy are executed, including:

  • Keeping you up to date with your monthly content calendar
  • Daily community management
  • Alerts/escalations of anything important to your brand team
  • Finding conversations that your bar/pub can get involved with
  • Suggestions on ways your can use the social platforms in your bar or pub marketing strategy especially as they evolve and change