A Conscientious Food & Drink Creative Consultancy in London

We are a food and drink creative consultancy working exclusively in the hospitality, food & drink industry. With decades of strategic and creative expertise,we have a core in-house team of senior leaders who can help you with drinks brand positioning, marketing strategy services, creative marketing consultancy and even as non-executive directors in your business.


We’re a creative consultancy in London offering complete strategic and creative consultancy services across the UK, Europe and the US – from initial concepts and ideas right through to final delivery with our trusted partners.

Award-Winning Staffing Initiatives

We have flexible working hours, working from home (WFH), co-working spaces (WFO), work from a pub (WFP) and when we need (or even just want) more time away in the sun we work from anywhere (WFA). This approach won our creative digital consultancy a Golden Pineapple Award for ‘Best Staffing Initiative’ and we know our team are happier for it.

Work Life Balance Like No Other

We believe work exists only to support and fund the lifestyles we all want to live. So if work encroaches into negatively impacting our lives, it doesn’t work for us. Don’t get us wrong, we’re incredibly hard working – and we’re really bloody good at what we do – it’s just that we prioritise life, living and relationships with friends and family above all else.

The power to deliver creative consultancy services from where and when we want is in our team’s hands – all we ask is that they can actually continue to be productive for their clients and colleagues. Simple.

Mental-Wellbeing For The Win

Mental well-being is a top priority for us, and we’re in the Top 25 Workplaces for Psych Safety to prove it.

For the rare occasions when one of us fucks up at work, we’re all accountable and we rally to support and work as a team to fix the problem – each learning from it, without blame and without causing any problems for our clients. Ultimately, it’s not life and death, and we’re just a creative consultancy in London, not surgeons or paramedics!

We have trained mental well-being champions, a mental health first aider, a suicide first aider and we’re proud long-time partners with Spill – which gives any of our team access to ask a therapist a question for a considered response the next working day. Our team can also book a same-week video call therapy session if they need to also.

Environmentally Conscientious

We’re in the process of applying to become a B-Corp food and drink creative consultancy, and in the meantime we’ve signed a pledge to be SME Climate Hub Comitted. We are conscientious in every decision we make right across the company.

For example, we only buy second hand refurbished laptops, we conduct most meetings remotely, we limit our international travel, we take the train where possible, we only buy vegetarian when catering for meetings and much more.

Diversity, Equality & Inclusion

Whilst we’re certainly not perfect in terms of diversity, we are an inclusive workplace and welcome all staff from all backgrounds and any degree of physical or mental ability, class, religion, ethnicity, gender, age and more.

We do not require degrees or formal education, we just need you to have the skills, proven experience and work ethic to deliver on the job responsibilities listed. We’re willing to work with staff, suppliers and clients to make changes that empower their best work.

Golden Pineapple's Award Winner YesMore Creative Consultancy London
Accreditation for SME Climate Hub Committed
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