We’ve been doing this a long time, and there are a few questions we often get asked time and time again. So, in an effort to help you get the answers quicker and easier, check out the answers to our agency’s FAQs below.

I can see your services, but what do you do best in-house?

Our killer skills are in developing overarching campaigns and annual creative positioning. As well as campaigns that bring together all of your marketing channels and attract audiences to your brands.

We have a great eye for incredible content, from still image and video to design and copywriting, and we can both go big with production or keep it tight and efficient. We’ve been working in social media since 2009, before it was a marketing channel in its own right, so we’re incredibly confident in our abilities across organic social media, paid social and influencers too. We’ve been there, done that and got the t-shirt.

We will always be transparent about what we’re delivering in-house vs what we’re outsourcing, and you will have complete visibility throughout.

Can we have a call to learn more about your services?

Absolutely! If you work for a drinks brand, bar, restaurant or retailer then email co-founders Tom (UK) or Dan (US) to share more about your business and what marketing help you need. Find their contact details on the Contact YesMore page.

Usually, we hold these as a video call, where Tom, Dan or someone else in the team presents our ‘creds deck’ (slides with more info about us) and asks you a bunch of questions to help us get a better idea of your business and marketing needs.

What happens after we’ve spoken?

We’ll send you the deck after the intro call and if you’re interested in briefing us on work, then we can send a template Briefing Form (right-hand side on our briefing page) to complete.

You fill that out, send it back to us and we’ll review and list some questions to either email back to you or bring up on a briefing call. At that point, we’ll confirm that we will put together a response to brief in the form of either slides or a costed scope of work, or both.

I’m ready to brief YesMore, how do I do that?

Awesome, just fill out the short briefing form (or download the template, fill it out and email it to Tom in the UK or Dan in the US) on the Brief Us page. Please include a rough indication of your budget or what you’d be comfortable spending on the services you list so we can get an idea of how best to help you.

Please note, our busiest times of year are summer and Christmas, so to ensure we continue to deliver the best for our current clients (and also have a bit of a life outside of work) we don’t respond to briefs in August or December.

How much do you cost?

Unfortunately, that’s a length-of-string FAQ, and we’d need to ask first what services you need to help us better answer this question. Sometimes prospective clients know already what they need, and others need us to work that out first, so we can’t give a one-size-fits-all costing.

Totally understand that you need to get a rough idea of costs though, so we’ve put a very broad “Starting from” idea of typical costings for each service within the packages pages for each service on our site. You can navigate to them via the Drinks Marketing Agency Services page.

How long is the briefing process?

That depends on a few factors. Firstly if you need some time to write your brief to us, then that’s usually the thing that takes the longest given you’re likely busy and might need to get internal stakeholder involvement, etc.

Then from receiving your brief, if we have the capacity and not many people off on holiday, etc, then we can sometimes deliver a response to the brief within about 2-4 weeks. However we’d much prefer to deliver a response we’re really proud of and confident in, and so we’d ideally like 4-8 weeks on each brief response.

How quick can you launch my campaign?

It’s best to allow 3-4 months to cover the briefing-to-campaign-launch phase. However, we’re open to shortening this timeframe for clients that align closely to our values, our mission, those that fill a gap in our portfolio of brands, or (in all honesty) those with attractive budgets or with client contacts we really get along with.

So you brief us in month 1, our response to brief is delivered in month 2, your approval of budgets/contracts and us getting onboarded and set up in month 3 and then launching campaigns/retainers in month 4.

We can start an annual retainer at any time of the year, but if you want us to launch in January the best time to brief us is September for a response in October, planning in November, onboarding and set up in December and launching the annual retainer in January.

For summer work it’s best to brief us in February for a response to brief in March, set up and onboarding in April and campaigns going live from May.

For Christmas campaigns please aim to brief us in July/August for our response to your brief in late September, onboarding and set up in October and campaigns going live in November.

I have a product/service I think you’d be interested in buying, who do I contact?

Please, please only email products or services you’re selling to Hello@YesMoreCreative.com and not any of our team including the two co-founders. Our inboxes get flooded with sales emails every day and if you email them directly then we’ll ignore or delete them.

Do you have any job vacancies?

That depends on what clients/projects we have on at the moment, but more often than not we do have available roles and so we’d encourage you to apply via the short form on the Jobs page.

When do you invoice clients and pay suppliers?

We review all in/outgoing invoices and payments on the last Thursday of the calendar month and approve them internally for invoicing/payment. We then aim to invoice and make payments by the last working day of the calendar month. In the first week of the next calendar month, we sort out any in/outgoing invoices that weren’t received/sent in time.

What is YesMore’s mission?

Our mission is to improve society’s relationship with alcohol by leading the drinks and marketing industries to create more conscientious drinks marketing.

We believe that alcohol has been trivialised and it’s become normal to joke about alcohol misuse or abuse in everyday culture. It’s somewhat normalised for negative triggers to influence us to self-medicate with alcohol. For example when we have a bad day at work and want to crack open the wine, a friend gets dumped and we suggest going to get shit-faced, greetings cards that tell you to “gin up and bear it” and much, much more.

We’re not a compliance company, we’re the creative drinks marketing agency that develops kick-ass marketing campaigns conscientiously that resonate with the audience, raise awareness of your brands, attract potential new customers and get talked about in social media and more.

What do you do for mental health?

We start by looking after number one, ourselves. That includes everyone from the two founders and our leadership team, right through our delivery teams, freelancers and suppliers. We also look after our clients, and help guide them to better well-being at work too.

As well as allowing our team to work from where and when they want with our flexible, remote and hybrid working models, we also do a number of other things. Our permanent team have access to Spill, a plug-in for Slack which provides knowledge and resources to help guide our team with mental health and well-being challenges.

We can also submit a question any time or day for a therapist to spend up to 30mins writing a considered and personalised response back to us privately. Additionally, our team can book a one-on-one therapy session with a qualified therapist over video call, as well as a course of 6 therapy sessions if and when needed. YesMore is proud to pay for it all.

We are proud business partners of The Drinks Trust, a registered charity we donate to which supports the drinks industry with a 24/7 helpline, mental health support, financial support, community groups, networking and more.

Are you a sustainable agency?

We’re trying our best to be! Without greenwashing, we’re set up to deliver as sustainably as we can and then trying to make improvements as we grow. We’re also applying for B-Corp status.

We’re a hybrid working agency, so our team are not required to commute into an office each day and can choose whether they work from home (WFH), work from our office (WFO), work from other offices (WFOO) nearer to their homes, work from pub (WFP) or cafe/hotel/etc or work from anywhere (WFA) to top ‘n’ tail holidays or bridge the gap between weekends away. We put these initiatives in place as staff benefits (and because we’re more productive working like this) but they also have marginal reduction in unnecessary carbon emissions too.

Since January 2022 we now only buy second hand refurbished technology such as laptops and work phones. Any mobile contracts provided by YesMore are with Honest Mobile, a carbon-neutral and ethical telecoms company. We use Google Workplace for our emails, calendar and file storage, Google was carbon neutral from 2007 and will be carbon-free from 2030 – read more in their sustainability report.

When YesMore are catering for a client meeting, shoot or own event, we provide vegetarian meals. When we’re producing shoots or events, we plan to avoid any food waste and ensure leftovers are brought with us or donated rather than wasted.

What staff benefits do you offer?

We’re a hybrid working agency, so our team are not required to commute into an office each day and can choose whether you work from home (WFH), work from our office (WFO), work from other offices (WFOO) nearer to your homes or teammates nearby, work from pub (WFP) or cafe/hotel/etc and expense your food/drink, or to go work from anywhere (WFA) to top ‘n’ tail holidays or bridge the gap between weekends away.
We do team drinks on the first Thursday(ish) of every month, either in person wherever most people are, or virtually where you pick your drinks and we ship them to your house ahead of a video call.

We close the office between Christmas and New Year, offering clients a reduced light touch service for essential social media management only, and you don’t need to use holiday allowance for it. The founders will occasionally close the office here and there if it feels like we’re all working too hard or over-stressed and need some time off.

As a small company, we currently offer statutory sick pay, maternity/paternity leave and we actively encourage our team to take time off for grievances including the loss of an unborn child. We’re open to any team member pitching to us that they take alternative bank holiday days to those that are aligned with religious beliefs.
We provide a work laptop, or if you prefer to use your own then we’ll offer additional benefits for doing so – as well as insure it.