Our Content Marketing Services

YesMore offers content marketing as one of many services. We are an agency that helps brands connect with their customers and in doing so, get the chance to tell their story. We create and curate content that is relevant and engaging with creators all over the globe, and we work to get it in front of the right people at the right time.

"Classic" Content Production

We love working on video or stills production briefs. Our process typically covers:

  • Finding the right creative talent for the job
  • Working on a creative concept
  • As well as ensuring all content fits your brand
  • Matching this concept with what’s going on in your consumers life at that time of year
  • Finding the right time and place to post

Creators Network

We have an ever-evolving black book of 100s of content creators we love working with. All of whom are clued up on the rules and regs of shooting content for drinks brands.

  • This is a typically faster process
  • But with slightly less control over the finished product
  • It involves trusting YesMore to write a brief and get it out to someone who can make it
  • Our content marketing package to the left offers more control if you’re in need of a more “standard” production response

SEO-Optimised Blog Copy & Management

We can do as much or as little as you need. We can take your blog off your hands entirely if you want, writing SEO-optimised blog posts, sourcing images, uploading, formatting and in-linking according to an SEO strategy.

  • Blog content ideation
  • Keyword universe creation
  • Content calendar with topics
  • Blog writing and optimising
  • Image and layout design