Creative Management Services

Choose the creative management service package that suits your brand’s needs. Below should give you an idea of starting points for pricing, from there we’ll create a bespoke management quote specifically for you.

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Get in touch about Creative Management Services

Onboarding session where we learn about your brand.

Camps/areas we can find new brand lines in
3 lines presented that we feel could work for your brand.

Refined down to one final line presented with social mockups to give you a feel of how the line looks in place.

Deep dive into the brand’s audiences, where their passions lie, and how to reach them.

Competitor analysis, tone and creative.

Routes we could take that feel different from our competition but still reaches our audience.

One hero creative concept.

How the concept works across the year.

How the concept works in social posts, social content, print and PR.

Who are we speaking to?

Examples of brands we wish to emulate.

Examples of brands we want to be nothing like.

Core personality.

Key examples of how we sound.

How we respond, examples from social media.

Top tips and shortcuts to writing in the brand’s tone of voice.

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