Speyburn | Speyside Single Malt Scotch Whisky



YesMore Agency have worked on multiple social media campaigns for Speyburn whisky. The target is to get more people talking about the brand online and to create a buzz around the product.

To do this, we’ve created a series of social campaigns including Father’s day and Christmas advertising campaigns, the brands to biggest selling moments of the year.

We were asked to…

Run the brand’s social platforms month to month as well as campaigns through Father’s Day and Christmas, the brand’s biggest selling times in the year.


And so…

Crafted paid for social media advertising campaigns that spoke to the history and character of the brand, while shooting fresh content and linking with a smart paid media approach.


We achieved…

A month-on-month increase in followers and engagement for their main feed. For the Fath campaign work we did together please check out the PDFs below.


Campaigns For Speyburn Whisky’s Marketing

Collaborations With Brands Outside of the Drinks Space

We were asked to raise awareness of Speyburn Whisky in both the UK and US and the importance of heritage to its brand identity, whilst capturing email data for remarketing.

  • Paid Ads Strategy
  • Brand Collaboration
  • Content Production
  • Competition Management