Balblair – Single Malt
Scotch Whisky



Balblair Single Malt Scotch Whisky has been distilled in the Highlands of Scotland since 1790. We are proud to continue this tradition of excellence by running content production, organic social media and paid media campaigns for Balblair.

Our goal is to promote Balblair as the premier whisky of choice for discerning malt enthusiasts around the world. We achieve this by producing high quality content that showcases the unique Balblair flavour profile, and by running targeted social media and paid media campaigns that reach potential customers where they are most active online. 

We Were Asked To…

Develop a whisky marketing strategy that brings the brand’s ‘True Highland Spirit’ to life within their social content.


So We…

Developed a content creation engine that put storytelling and content creators at its core. First, we sourced Scottish influencers and creators, these ranged from local artists to wildlife photographers, hikers and adventurers. Keen not to simply source whisky aficionados or classic scotch influencers.

We then briefed each of our storytellers to shoot images and share stories about how they embody the True Highland Spirit themselves. With some selected to also shoot at the distillery to capture the essence of the brand there as well.


And Achieved…

An uptake of 14% in engagement rate across the brand’s social content as well as the complete sell-out of assigned stock within the first 6 months 🥃