Best Alcohol Free Drinks We’re Loving This MHA Week

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Best Alcohol Free Drinks We’re Loving This MHA Week

With an increasing amount of time being spent at home, a lot of people seem to be drinking alcohol more and more – perhaps out of  boredom, loneliness, celebration, stress or simply ‘just because’. Whilst there is nothing wrong with having a drink, we feel it’s important to have alcohol free days and to try alcohol free drinks too, especially when everything going on around us can leave us feeling a little vulnerable. 

You can learn more about alcohol and mental health in our recap of doing becoming qualified mental health first aiders.

So, we thought we would celebrate this Mental Health Awareness Week by sharing some of the best alcohol free drinks that we love. We don’t have to have alcohol to enjoy social moments, so see some options to try below. Comment with any of your favourites!

Pentire – Alcohol Free Spirits

This delicious alcohol free drink is made by distilling unique plants native to the Cornish coastline and is a great alcohol free alternative for those that enjoy a G&T. The brand prides itself on being the alcohol free spirit for the water loving adventurer.


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Bax Botanics – Alcohol Free Spirit

Chris and Rose Bax have spent decades cooking and experimenting with botanical flavours, often wild-foraged from their own woodland! They are now using their vast array of skills and experience to distil secret recipes of herbs, roots, berries and flowers and create one of the best alcohol free drinks with layers of beautifully complex flavours. See the latest social media ads we created for them as part of their Dry January campaign.





Caleño – Alcohol Free Spirits

This tropical alcohol free drink is inspired by Colombia and prides itself on inspiring the Colombian, energetic and free spirit within those who don’t want to drink when out dancing and having fun with their friends.





Stryyk – Alcohol Free Spirits

STRYYK have a great range of some of the best non alcoholic spirits. STRYYK ‘not gin’, ‘not vodka’ and ‘not rum’. Stryyk aims to  match the taste of their alcoholic counterparts and ask consumers to swap out your gin, vodka or rum for a perfect STRYYK alternative without those ‘pesky calories and units’.






LA Brewery Kombucha – Non Alcoholic Drinks

LA Brewery offers a great selection of alcohol free alternatives, the expertly brewed kombucha is made in Suffolk, England by Louise Avery. It is both alcohol free, low in sugar and is known for its wonderful citrus taste.






Lucky Saint – Alcohol Free Beer

This alcohol free lager is 0.5% Superior Unfiltered Lager. This brand prides itself on being all the flavour and body of a full-strength beer, even without the alcohol. They also have an incredibly gorgeous ad campaign shot by Rankin which you should check out if you’re into photography or content creation.






Real Kombucha – Alcohol Free Kombucha

This REAL, non-Alcoholic, sparkling Fermented Tea prides itself on having products plenty full of sparkle. Within the range is Smoke House, their cider-like, full-bodied, lightly smokey, caramelly kombucha along with Royal Flush which promises to be ‘champagne reinvented.’






Everleaf – Alcohol Free Aperitif

This non alcoholic drink is perfectly served as a spritz and a great alcohol free aperitif. Founder, Paul, is a conservation biologist and bartender with a long family connection to botany and the environment.





Aecorn Bitter – Alcohol Free Drinks

This alcohol free aperitif promises to be bitter, bold, non-alcoholic and proud. It’s made from Sussex grown grapes & bitter botanicals, yes, including acorns. Great served as a Spritz and a great alternative to an Aperol Spritz if you’re going alcohol free.






Still need some more recommendations? Our list of some of the best non alcoholic drinks continues with these great options below.

Alcohol Free Spirits

  • Borrago – @BorragoDrinks
  • Three Spirit – @ThreeSpiritDrinks
  • Sea Arch Non-Alcoholic Distilled Spirit  -@Sea_arch
  • Seedlip Grove 42  – @Deedlipdrinks
  • Feragaia Distilled Alcohol-Free Spirit  – @Feragaia
  • Xachoh Blend No. 7  – @Xachohdrinks
  • Ceder’s  – @Ceders_AltGin
  • Stryykk – @STRYYK
  • Caleno Drinks – @CalenoDrinks
  • Pentire Drinks – @PentireDrinks
  • Bax Botanics – @BaxBotanics

Alcohol Free Beers

  • Brew dog Nanny State – @BrewdogOffical
  • Nirvana Brewery, Tantra Pale Ale – @NirvanaBeerCo
  • First Chop, Yes Anytime IPA – @FirstChop
  • Big Drop – @BigDropBeerCo


Alcohol Free Aperitifs

  • Aecorn Bitter – @Aecorn_Drinks
  • Everleaf – @EverleafDrinks

    Alcohol Free Kombucha

    • FIX8 Kombucha – @Fix8OnThis
    • Real Kombucha – @RealKombucha
    • LA Brewery – @LABrewery

    Any missing? Want yours to be added? Holler at us! 

    If you’re interested in drinks marketing for your brand, alcoholic or not, get in touch with us today!

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